Jane Forman Sports

Jane Forman Sports is a sports management group comprising the Jane Forman Tennis Academy, Dade County Sports, and the Dade County Sports Foundation, a nonprofit sports scholarship fund.

Each of our companies is unique, but they all share an overarching mission: to provide high-quality recreational sports programs throughout Miami-Dade County for kids and adults of all demographics and abilities. Our programs, mostly based out of the Alper JCC, include after-school sports, tennis clinics and leagues, Tennis & Swim Camps, and more.

On the Horizon




After School Tennis Classes

Q.  What happens when it rains?
A.  We will notify you via text or email of a canceled class 30 to 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Q.  What is your policy regarding missed classes?
A.  You may make up the clinic on another scheduled day.

Q.  What kind of discounts do you offer?
A.  We offer a 10 percent discount on the price of an 8 week session if you sign up for more than one day per week.

Q.  What should a student wear and bring to class?
A.  Wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor sports. We recommend applying sunblock and wearing a hat to prevent sunburn. Each student should bring a tennis racquet and water bottle to class. However, water fountains are easily accessible and we will supply a racquet if needed.

Q.  What is your instructor to student ratio?
A.  1 instructor for every 6 students

Q.  What size tennis racquet should I get for my child?
A.  The appropriate size depends on your child’s age:
19 inch racquet for ages 3 and under
21 inch racquet for ages 3 to 4
23 inch racquet for ages 4 to 5
25 inch racquet for ages 6 to 7
26 inch racquet for ages 8 to 10

Q.  What is your cancellation policy regarding after school tennis enrollment?
A.  All cancellations will be handled on an individual basis depending on the situation.

Summer Camp

Q.  What is your instructor to camper ratio?
A.  By rule, our ratio is no less than 1 instructor per 6 campers. In most cases, we have at least one instructor for every 4 campers. This enables our counselors to provide individual instruction in a group setting, thereby enabling students to quickly improve their skills.

Q.  What happens when it rains during summer camp?
A.  All programs will move inside to the gym, racquetball courts, and exercise studio for alternative activities.

Q.  What kind of discounts do you offer at the summer camp?
A.  4 to 7 weeks: 10% overall discount
8 to 10 weeks: 20% overall discount
10% sibling discount
One registration fee per family
Before and after care: $5 per hour per family

Q.  What is your summer camp cancellation policy?
A.  No refunds. If your child has a medical condition, cancellation will be handled on an individual basis depending on the situation.

Q.  After registering for summer camp, can I reschedule my child for a different set of weeks?
A.  Yes, you may reschedule your child.

Private Lessons

Q.  What is your policy regarding cancellation and rescheduling of private lessons?
A.  Cancellation must occur at least 24 hours prior to the lesson’s start time. If not, the client will be charged for the lesson.

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